Project Properties

Could you please point me to a discussion of how all the pieces of information associated with a project relate to on another and which items take precedent over others?

For example:

Values placed in Project Properties

Values place in Form Properties

CSS in Project Properties

CSS in a Form

jScript in a Form

jScript in Project Properties

Any others that matter..

Also, for a native application, does the app need to access the internet in order to access code libraries from a CDN? If so, can this be changed so the libraries are part of the app locally?

Values: If a property name is the same in Project Properties and Form Properties (like backgroundColor), in most cases the value in the Form Properties will take precedence over the Project Property. The same is true of Object Properties: they will override Form Properties.

CSS: Same.

JavaScript: If you give your top level functions unique names, this should never be a problem (and this is something you should always do!).

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network. It’s simply a url to load a library from, so yes, it needs to be online to be used. You’re better off to load the libraries onto your system and drag them into the Project Explorer window. They will then be deployed as part of your app.

Thank you!