Proper screen size

I am using jQuery controls and Basic to create a native android app to run in 3 different screen sizes device. The sizes are 480 X 800, 720 X 1280 and 720 X 1440. I can using ZOOM to fit the app into 480 X 800 and 720 X 1280 screen sizes, but when it run in the 720 X 1440 device, the text is become very large. Is there any way to solve it out? Any tutorial?

Instead of targeting specific screen sizes you’ll want to implement a “responsive” design.

What you’ll do is use % to size your layout instead of px. For instance a width would be 50% vs 240px. Font size is written as em vs pt/px. For instance 1em is about 12pt. This approach allows the device to calculate the appropriate size for the mode and orientation.

There are a few articles in the blog which discuss Responsive Design: