Push notifications with Appstudio

I would like to develop an app that shows the user push notifications when there are new documents in a specific reserved folder.
I understand that I have to use apache cordova for compilation, but can I develop the code with NSB Appstudio?


It’s not clear from your description exactly what you want to have happen. Can you explain some more?

(If something can be done using JavaScript, you can do it in AppStudio)

Angelo, you can indeed use AppStudio for this.

You’ll need the following accounts:
Apple Developer
Phonegap Build (adobe)
Google Developer
Google FCM

Once you have all those you’ll have to create the appropriate app signing credentials for iOS and Android and then using part of those, set up your FCM for the app you’re developing.

Next you’ll have to add a plugin to your app config (via AppStudio) and after you get all that setup you’ll have to write some code on your server that sends the push notification when the new documents gets created.

Once you get all that done you can build the app and try sending some push notifications through. It should take you a few weeks to get to that point.

Does that help?


What you’ve written clarifies what it takes to create an App that has the notification feature. I was wondering if there is another, less complex way that doesn’t require me to have the various accounts?

(Some of my email got cut off, so here’s the complete response)
No, there’s not.

iOS won’t install your app without a certificate and provisioning profile.

While Android will allow you to install dang near anything in developer mode, that’s about as far as you’ll get…

The phonegap-plugin-push doesn’t care but will barf during the build without an account id and if you make one up the device won’t register and give you a push token which you will need to send a push notification.

Google FCM won’t accept a push notification to transmit without a valid set of credentials and neither will Apple.

@PPetree is correct - you’ll just need to work through all the steps he outlined.

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