Push notifications

Anyone implemented this ( IOS & Android) .

Any help appreciated.


Steve Warby

Have you seen this?


I found the pushwhoosh sample app.
I changed the appID to the google projectID and the projectID to the pushwhoosh appID.

I compiled on Android and the app crashes when opened.

I started a new app following the wiki instructions and get the following error when compiling

An error occurred while communicating with the PhoneGap server: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: https://build.phonegap.com/api/v1/apps?access_token=ca0d44b9dcd5dbed6f0b4bbe79

{“error”:“plugin unsupported: org.apache.cordova.device”}

Right. The top of the tech note says:

“This Tech Note is largely obsolete - both PushWoosh and Google have changed their interfaces. See the following docs:”