Pwa.js and contentToCache

Is there a way to decide that const contentToCache does not include all files but only these I can choose before deploy?
There is an app with a huge amount of images. The service worker fetches quite a lot of images and files successfully then suddenly all further fetches fail and the app does not become a PWA. One would like to explore how many images or files the service worker can fetch before it fails.
I modified pwa.js and contentToCache so that I deleted the paths to around 2400 jpg images. I left less than a hundred files within contentToCache and saved pwa.js. Obviously this pwa.js is not used with a new deploy. Fetch tried to get the jpg files I just had removed anyway. I understand that deploy does not get the content to cache by my modified pwa.js. So it could be useful if one could get a possibility to decide which files are included in the process of caching. I admit that all other apps do not need such a procedure. It is a very special case with 2500 files, mostly images. But, if somebody had an idea how to accomplish this research easily?

I’ve got your sample app here and can reproduce the issue. It will take a few hours of uninterrupted time here to figure out if there is a limit on the number of files.

If files are not included in the contentToCache, they will not be available offline.

Thank you. Fine.

Offline would not matter. I think it could be solely for a while in order to check where possible limits are and if one can get this app to PWA status at all.

I have a app with hanging problem, now much better. may be app hanging and too many image problem is similar. as phone has limited ram, n also used by other app. Eg, 1,call button click, inside, call another function. 2,too many dim. 3,even if desktop runs ok;phone runs not much OK. 4,server runs OK, but phone runs not much OK.

5,too many global dim , led to memory problem or hanging, the debugger have no errs at all.

@bsommer, if you do not need to run offline, you can turn PWA off. It’s in Project Properties, PWA, Make PWA?

@tst: This appears to be unrelated to the issue. If you are still having problems with this, can you open a new issue with clear steps how to reproduce this?

I had replied to your email telling me that files which are not included in content to cache would not be available offline….

No worries. No need to discuss this further.