Pwa.js formed improperly when duplicate images have same src with spaces in file name

I have two forms. They both have an image control. Both of the src of the image controls point to the same file: sign out.png (yes, there is a space in the file name.) When I start to desktop browser, I get this in the log:

15:06:34.985 pwa.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Cache.addAll(): duplicate requests (
15:06:34.985 appstudioFunctions.js:2216 [PWA] The installing service worker became redundant.
(anonymous) @ appstudioFunctions.js:2216

The generated PWA file has the following for the fetch file list:

const contentToCache = [

‘images/Sign In.png’,
‘images/Sign Out.png’,

Notice the %20 for the space. Removing spaces from file names fixes this issue. I don’t think AS handles file names with spaces correctly when creating the pwa.js header.

Thanks. We’ll fix this.

Fixed in 8.0.1.

Fix is confirmed in - thanks