PWA "not compatible with this version of Android"

Last night my Samsung phone updated itself. This morning, each time I opened a PWA, it popped up a warning (“This app is not compatible with this version of Android” and advice to consult the developer.) Clicking “OK” still opens the PWA and it works fine. But each time I opened it, I got the same warning.

Since the PWA itself was working, I tried uninstalling the PWA, going to its web site and reinstalling it. That worked. The warning went away.

I thought it might be useful to others on this site to know what advice to give to users who get the same message.

Can you provide the old and new andriod versions. Device doesn’t probably matter, but what is it?

I have been writing some custom service workers. AS pwa uses a service worker. I’ve not noticed this issue yet, nor any clients reported such.

Current Android Version. Since I keep this phone updated, I assume prior Android version was 13. The update last night was actually from One UI 5.x to One UI 6.0. It may (or may not) have included updating to Android 14–I just don’t know.