PWA with no chrome badge

I have a few apps that, when added to the homescreen, display an icon with a chrome badge in the bottom right ie shortcut. I have been working on an app, deleted an old version then ‘Add to homescreen’ the update. On one occasion the app seemed to install as a real app with no chrome badge. But it has since reverted to a shortcut.

Is there a way of getting an icon with the “app” look rather than “shortcut” look? Can’t replicate whatever I did.

Is this on an Android device? Or on the Desktop?

It’s important to check whether everything is set up correctly.

Sorry. Android. There some detailed technotes I haven’t found? Only thing I could find was “Appstudio takes care of it all”

Can you send me the URL?

George Henne

Thanks! I tried it here and it looks OK.

Did you do a full deploy?

My phone has 1 app with no icon, just system icon. Other apps have chrome badge on them with the intended app icon.

One occasion I installed an app and it didn’t have a chrome badge. It has since reverted. I don’t know how to replicate.

Done a full deploy on all apps. Cleared chrome’s cache. Reinstalled all.

With PWAs are you supposed to see badges or not?

I don’t see a Chrome badge on the app icon on the Home Screen when I install it.

Have you tried clearing the browser’s cache on the device?

I finally got it sorted. For all my apps it took multiple ‘full deploys’, cache clearances, reinstalls even after getting all the icon and image references right. My last app to get right, I finally discovered a page background image on one form, although visually identical to all the other forms, was an image referenced outside my project folder. User problem but success now. All apps with no chrome badges finally.

Don’t want to speak too soon but it seems the issue with code.js not updating in the cache is a more reliable now with PWAs. Fingers crossed.