QRCode some times gives error message

some times when load the application contains QRCode component I got error message:
not a function QRCode1.setValue.

any suggestion is appreciated

I tried the QRCode sample and wasn’t able to make this happen. What do I need to do?

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

It may help if you post your file or a sample version of it. It’ll help others to look and see where the problem can be.

Form_onshow() I call ClearDutyForm
compile: some times I got that error, then recompile no error

Sub ClearDutyForm
$("#DateTimeInput1").jqxDateTimeInput({ disabled: True })
$("#DateTimeInput2").jqxDateTimeInput({ disabled: True })

’$("#ComboBox1").jqxComboBox(“insertAt”, “1”,1)
$("#ComboBox3").jqxComboBox({ disabled: True })
$("#ComboBox4").jqxComboBox({ disabled: True })

QRCode1.setValue(“No Number”)


CheckBox1.checked = False
TextArea1.readOnly = True

End Sub

Can you make a small app which reproduces the problem?

There’s not enough to figure out what is going on from this information.

It is rely hard to detect, when recompile some times it append.
does it have any outer (Ex. external js link) dependency?

Yes, it uses this library:


but it does not go outside your device to get any code.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

I’ve downloaded full jqwidgets libraries to folde in my projec and change NSBasic Project Properties “JWidgetsPath” to that folder.
error gone.

QRCode itself does not depend on jqWidgets. However, it looks like other parts of your app do. By making jqWidgets local, the files will load much faster and more predictably.

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