Radio button, bs4, background color not working

I coded a project starting at ver8. 3,until now.even though I set the background of radiobutton of bs4, in the project properties.there is no background color in android debug or release. Kind rdgs,tst

Are you saying there BS4 RadioButton background color works as a web app, but not when compiled with VoltBuilder as an Android app? Could you explain better?

Radiobutton background not set for Web app n android debug app.

I’m sorry, I still do not understand.

I mean I have a radiobutton, bs4, ver8. 3. I try to set the background color of radiobutton in project properties. But the background of radio button still remain colorless

I checked - backgroundColor really doesn’t do anything with the BS4 RadioButton control. Its styling is controlled BS4’s theme.

You could put this in the style property:
but it might not look nice.

It really helps, thanks a lot! :+1: