Real-time data How-to question

I am thinking of using Appstudio for a new project but would be useful to know any design ideas on how to achieve the following.

My windows software connects to an ERP/Financial system using activeX toolkit.

I can see that I could upload transactions to a web database for the PDA’s to use but how about some real time inventory stock level lookup?

So the user would scan a barcode on a PDA and it communicates with my PC software for a lookup of the stock level? the stock level could change all the time with other people using the system.

any ideas?

There is no practical way to use an activex control in an andriod or ios environment.

The solution might include a windows server with iis to distribute real time data to your app. The server would take requests from devices and use the activex control to get the required fresh data.

This requires the activex control to have the real time lookup capability, not just mass export.

Bottom line. Big job. Server and app developments.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry I am confusing things with the activeX control. My windows application deals with that part.

I want to communicate between my windows application and the PDA. I currently use winsock to do this job with a windows mobile scanner. Just investigating ways to do this with an Android handheld.

Nearly all web apps use Ajax to do this kind of thing. Properly used, it’s fast, secure and reliable. Here’s an introductory article on Ajax.