Receipt Printer/Printing

I need to Transfer my printing routines from Microsoft CE C++ Embedded to NSBappStudio. We have a handful of O’Neil /Datamax MicroFlash 4Te’s, bluetooth that I would love to use.
Before I do a deep dive into research, I was wondering what the experiences of the members are like with portable receipt printing. Is there a better PhoneGap plugin for bluetooth printing? Or is there a better printer to use?
Any info would be greatly appreciated


Have a look at the PhoneGapZebraPrint sample.

It uses the Zebra Printer Programming Language. It’s possible the O’Neil uses a different set of control codes.

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Thanks, I will look into that. I am reconsidering; I am looking into emailing the receipt instead.

There are (or were) several Bluetooth printer plugins available. Several years ago I had to use one to print earthquake depth/magnitude charts.

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