Receive an SMS?

I have seen some suggestions about sending an SMS (Nexmo, etc.), but is there a way to intercept and parse an SMS message? Thanks.

You’ll need to use a PhoneGap plugin, like this:

It’s Android only.


Thanks for the reply; that appears to be just what I need, but I’m not sure about how to include it into an app.

I have never had any success in using any of the PhoneGap examples, so I am obviously not setting up those plugins properly. Are there any documents that can help me to configure AppStudio to use those plugins?

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There’s this Tech Note which may help:

If you’d like us to build some sample code for you, contact me directly.


Thanks a lot, I had just found and read that article. There is some great information there. However, I received this error when trying to compile as a native app with PhoneGap:

Is there a limit to the number of applications that can be compiled?

I appreciate your offer to provide some code to get me started–it would be very helpful.

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There is a problem with the default account which AppStudio uses. We’re working on sorting that out with PhoneGap.

You can workaround this by signing up for a free PhoneGap account of your own.

Contact me by email about the sample at gh(at)