ReferenceError: Stripe1 is not defined

I have changed Stripe1 id and I have updated all the code (based on help example). But I still get this error in the console. This is the location of the error in (index) in the debugger

var ok = (typeof(stripeReadingPurchase.onSalesTax) === 'function') ? stripeReadingPurchase.onSalesTax() : true;
      if (true) console.log('Stripe: Result of onSalesTax()', ok);
      if (ok) {
              if (stripeReadingPurchase.debugging) console.log('Stripe: onApprovalReceived called');

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That’s a bug in AppStudio - the name Stripe1 was hardcoded in one spot. We’ve fixed that in the next build.

To work around this, either name your control back to Stripe1, or try adding this statement to your code:

Stripe1 = stripeReadingPurchase;

Thanks, I’ll rename back to Stripe1, as it’s no big deal and my planned work around anyway. Alex