Refresh deploy from startup

I’d really love to be able to do a ‘Refresh deploy’ without having to do a Full deploy first. A. Full deploy deletes all the files on the server and B. My internet is complete and utter s&!t! and takes forever to do a full deploy. Being rural New Zealand I only have 1.3mbps upload speed.

I’ve reverted to pulling my Lan cable out, doing a “full deploy” then plugging it back in again. Would love to not have to do that.

Regardless of whether a Refresh works without deleting files from the cache, I still have to keep 2 copies of a production WebApp. The one active for users must not be Refreshed because I am testing new procedures.

So my active app might be called HellowWorld1 and my testing app is HellowWorld2. #2 is the same as #1 after a Full Deploy. Then I get back to work on #2, doing Refresh after Refresh. When it is ready to go live, I do a SaveAs to #1, and do a Full Deploy. So it is only occasionally that a Full Deploy is needed (with the exception of needing to test offline code, this is where being able to do intermediate Refreshes would be most helpful for me).


I always deploy to my local computer. Then I use FTP or whatever to move files (that are updated) to my server.

Of course if you are using Voltbuilder that won’t work because the build process needs all the files, in which case, I will tell you that I have Cordova (CLI) set up on my computer and I also build locally.