I have a common grid which the user taps on a cell and a keypad displays. If the user taps on the grid where a button on the keypad is located but still yet to be displayed, the keypad appears (after a fade in) and then the keypad button (which is a label) onclick event is then triggered.

How do I eliminate the keypad event from triggering? Is it a removeEventListener()?
Tried this but I don’t know what I’m doing here…

There shouldn’t be an event listener by default.

I assume you still want that control to be able to respond to a click event after it is visible though don’t you?

If “Yes”, then put something like (this is JavaScript):

  if(Label1.hidden == false){
    //Do something to handle this number
      console.log("This Label is visible now");

That’s nice and simple. Thanks. Much appreciated

I put a settimeout on the grid click but your idea is nicer.