Removing focus from BS4 button

I’d like to remove the highlight of a BS4 button that has focus. Or in my case has been clicked and I no longer want it to have focus. See here…
I’ve tried blur and focus on another control. Any ideas on how to remove the highlight/shadow/focus?

OK, so if nothing works directly, you could create a button,
(e.g. Button1) and after you’ve clicked on your active button stick Button1.focus() in the code at the end…
Dirty fix, but i just tested it there and it works.

Forgot to mention…
The Button1 button would be placed ‘off screen’ so you don’t see the focus.

Thank you. That did work for me but only if the button pressed had focus already. Which led me to the onfocus event to shift focus, that works for me.

But ultimately was looking for some .css that might overwirite the button’s focused behaviour. Happy for it to affect all buttons in my project.