Renew Browser's Cache

I have been writing webapps with NSB for some time now. Most were for phones.
When I made an update to the app, the phone would refresh the webpage cache without issue. I never really paid much attention to it.

But, lately, I have been writing PC ‘browser’ webapps. I have found that the computer browsers are much more finicky about updating their webpage cache.

To overcome this, I index the code.js filename with each update. For example, I will rename it to code1.js. Then I have to change the name in the html file and also in the manifest file. When I do this, the browsers then update the webpage cache.

I thought the appcache buildtime would tell browser to update the webpage when the app was updated. But, it seems to be ignored, at least by my browsers…

Maybe there’s a simpler way to force the browser to update its cache when the webapp has been updated?

Thanks in advanced. Rodney Wirtz

You’re correct: the buildtime in the OfflineApp.appcache file which AppStudio generates should prompt the browser to invalidate the cache. If it isn’t happening, try clearing the cache in the browser. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen before, especially in development environments.

Thank you George. I’ll try that. Rodney