Responsive Design or Scaling

Hi All. I’m new and just trying to get my head around designing a layout for my app that will look identical on all phones.

I’ve read the responsive deisgn tips and I’m not 100% sure it answers my questions or really does what I want.

Here is a very basic example.

I start a new app in 540 x 960
I put a hamburger in the top right but setting the bounds left to 50%

Looks great.

Then launch it in Chrome and go to the phone view in debug mode, looks good also - change to something like a iPhone 5 and the hamburger is still positioned at 95% - but because the hamburger is a fixed size, it is now partially off the screen.

I have looked, I’m sure there is something simple I can’t find in the forums so far to point me in the direction I should be going.

I’ve read a little, but haven’t played around with containers, again, not sure they’ll fix what I’m trying to do. What I’m really hoping is that there is some sort of scaling option so that I can design in whatever mode I like and it will then scale automatically to fit full screen on which ever device is used.

Hope this isn’t a stupid question. Any help appreciated.



Possibly solved my problem for now, but still not sure I’m 100% on the right track.

Instead of placing the handbuger at left = 90%, I’ve set it to right = 2%

Hope this might help someone else… I’ll keep plodding along with what I’m doing, I’m sure I’ll have lot’s more questions as I tried to achieve what I’m after.