Run app inside a website webpage?

Can a NSB App Studio app run on a Wordpress website, inside a div or iframe?

For example, I have a website webpage with tabs, each tab is the name of an app. Tap on tab to use the app?

If the above is possible are there any manuals on how to do this.

If you mean run the apk or ipa then probably not or at least not unless you find a good emulator.

OTOH, if you have the html, css and javascript then yes you can do that but you won’t have the plugins but I’ll post a solution to that in short while.

I’m not sure I am following. In addition to building for mobile, this tool builds for the web. So, you’d build for web, and yes, embedding in an iframe works.

Then you mention that on a website webpage with tabs, each tab is an app.
Each of those “apps” can be web apps built with AppStudio, and each of those tab links can be urls for each of the web apps.

Again, I don’t think I follow the question.

HI Thank you for comments.

I figured it out in the end. I generally build for Android and iOS with cordova plugins which I want to also host as a desktop app from my website.

I went with:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", onLoaded, False);
Function onLoaded()
  If (window.hasOwnProperty("cordova")) = True Then
    console.log("Mobile App");
   console.log("Web Browser App")
  End If
End Function

For the functions which I was using cordova for:

If localStorage.getItem("AppType") = "WebApp"  then
 dont call cordoa plugin function
 call cordova plugin function
end if