run desktop app using electron problem

iam facing problem when i use (run desktop app using electron)

What version of AppStudio are you using?

I am also having the same problem. I am using AppStudio 8.5.5 on Mac

On Windows or MacOS? Does it happen with one of the AppStudio samples or just your app?

it Does Not Come With (Electron Wither) Sample Only

I’m sorry - I don’t understand your answer. Which sample are you using?

Windows or Mac?

I tested on the HelloWorld sample, seem to be Ok. I am using AppStudio 8.5.5 on Mac

@bachok, how do I reproduce your problem?

When I try it on my other App it runs without problem. So it must be something not right on that app. I will check on it.

Hi George,

Can I email you the zip file of my simple Calculator that produce the “isElectron is not define” that produce the reference error?. I suspect the MathEvaluator javascript code that course the error message.



Yes, please. It would be a big help!

Thanks for sending the project. I have been able to reproduce the issue - we’re working on it.

Here’s a test build for Windows - let me know if you need MacOS.

It looks like the latest update to Electron made a change in how we need to handle things. Let us know if it solves the issue.

I need MacOS, Thanks

Here’s the MacOS link to the beta:

Thanks George.

Both Run Desktop App using Electron and Make Desktop App for Distribution Using without the previous error message. Thanks.



Thanks for the good news! The change will be in the next build of AppStudio.