Run same web app on two devices at same time

Hi, I have two devices using same web app at same time. Form1 is loaded on one device and Form2 is loaded on second device. I have data stored in LocalStorage and I want to check the data from Form2 with data in LocalStorage on one device and output the results onto Form1 on the other device. Can this be done?

Lovalstorage is device level saving. Use Ajax to send your data to a server then the 2nd device can use Ajax to receive the data.

Somebody can correct if I’m wrong but if your app in on the Volt server you can use ServerStorage and I’m assuming you can use ServerStorage on your 2nd device to read it in.

Yes, you can do this with ServerStorage.

This is what I was looking for. Thanks for that :+1:

Thanks for getting back to me. I think Ajax is a bit out of my league.

I know the feeling but it is really fairly simple. If you have a server I’m happy to share the few lines of code that does it.

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I use the volt server to run my web apps. I really appreciate the offer of your help and I may come back to give you a shout at some point. :+1: