Run time image not showing

On the form titled fourControls I am trying to use code to change an image (imAlbum) inside of an if statement depending on the index of the radio button chosen, it comes up with no errors but it will not display my images. The pictures are all in a folder titled ‘albums’ inside of my project folder. I have put each picture’s file name inside of the manifest tab inside the project. I tried to upload my zipped project folder but it was too large to upload, hopefully the screenshots are enough.

When you say there are no errors, did you try running it in Chrome with the console open?

Yes I’ve been running it in chrome and nothing shows up in the console

Does the NSB.MsgBox message show up?

Yes it does, so the if statement is working but it won’t change the image

Zip up your project and email it to support. I’ll have a look.