Running OLD NSB programs

Hey group -
I just d/l the latest (V8). I am planning on some new projects with this.
I used NSB years ago and would like to open / edit some old projects, however it doesn’t seem to want to open these.
I believe those old projects were done with V4 or V5 maybe.
Is there a way to re-open / edit these old NSB projects?

Sorry I think I just found the right way to open the old .nsx files. Seems to be working - YAY!

You probably found Open Older Project… on the File menu. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes thanks –

Maybe you can help me with something else – deployment.

When I “deploy to voltserver” and scan the QR code with my iPhone, it takes me to a NSB screen that says “choose your plan”.

There is a spot for my SN but when I enter that it says “You’re on version 8. Subscription not active”.

With my version, am I not able to deploy to the voltserver?

My SN is xxx-xxx-xxx.




You have a base license to AppStudio 8, which does not include a VoltServer subscription.

You’ll need the $15.00 month subscription to host your app on our servers. If you have your own server, no subscription is needed.

Okay thanks, I see that now.

When I try just Deploy (F5), it opens it in my browser but I don’t get a link to the NSBasic server. I am supposed to get 1 hour, right?




Deploy (F5) is supposed to open in your browser - it creates a local server to run your app.

To deploy to VoltServer, use Deploy to VoltServer on the Run menu. You’ll need to set up an account on VoltServer to do so. You can do this in AppStudio Preferences, in the VoltServer tab.