Running WebApps without Internet

Even though I’ve saved my app to the home screen I still can’t run it without an internet connection. I get the following messages:

Turn Off Airplane
Mode or Use Wi-Fi to
Access Data

Settings OK

Cannot Open

Appname could not be
opened because it is not
connected to the Internet.

Close Retry

Any suggestions?

What are you running on?

Did you save to Home Screen and open it once?

I’m running on an iPhone. I’ve saved and tried it a number of times - it will never run in Airplane mode.

The same thing happens on my iPad

Send me the URL - I’ll give it a try here.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Try deploying to Volt. Does that work?

There seems to be a problem with caching on your server.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Thanks, I’ll try Volt

I deployed it to Volt - ( and it still won’t work in airplane mode after saving to my home screen.

Found one problem, I think. It uses an external file:

If you load that file locally, it won’t be a problem.

Your site is definitely not handling the caching properly as well.

PS. Could you deploy to Volt again? I wasn’t able to get to it within the hour.

I just deployed to Volt again

Thanks. Checking into it.

I notice you’re deploying to Volt on the demo account. You actually have a Volt account you could sign in with.

George Henne
416 264-5777

I have a .jpg that is part of my manifest - would that be the external file it’s trying to load? I don’t think I understand how I load that file locally.

We’re fragmenting into several issues here.

  1. If the jpg is included in the project, either by dragging it into the Project Explorer or listing it in the manifest property, it’s fine.

  2. The MIME type on your server is definitely broken. If you look at this page:

You’ll see there are a lot of error messages instead of a list of files to cache.

George Henne
NS BASIC Corporation

Here’s what appears on that appcache page:

Does the monthly fee I pay include a Volt subscription? I thought it only included support for AppStudio.

Ys, it includes a Volt Subscription as well.

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