Sample Project Deploy With NodeJS

Hello All,

We are quite happy with NSBasic and we are using WAMP server on our website. Recently we discovered the advantages of NodeJS and knowing that AppStudio is compatible with NodeJS, wanted to give it a try.

However we can not seem to find any Sample Code on how to deploy our current project with NodeJS? How should the Server.JS should be for NodeJS? Obviously NodeJS Express sendfile command does not work. Should we render with some viewers? We would really appreciate it if someone who has the experience with NodeJS Express could post a sample server side JS for running NSBasic project fully with dependencies.

We searched for the samples and found ElectronWeather project but that seem irrelevant.

Thank you for your considerations and help…

You’re right - the docs are aimed at people who are using Node with Electron.

While it’s possible to use AppStudio + Node for server side apps, we haven’t done any documentation for this. I can see how it would be useful and will add it to our To Do list.

Thank you… Will be looking forward to it in the next version…