Sample Projects / Project Template / Wizard

I have been using nsbasic since the days of palm pilots, and the early versions of appstudio - great product and environment - thank you George, James and team.

I now want to update an older project

It would be great to have a simple project template that creates a starter project using bootstrap, creating a couple of forms - maybe a login screen
and an about page perhaps with a bit of text and a few of the supported bootstrap components.

Ideally this sample / template / wizard would offer the user a choice of using javascript or basic

Is there something like this planned?

I would also find such a template very useful. Anything you can do to help us speed up the process of building apps would be much appreciated.

I would also find a template for building standard responsive websites very useful also.

Regards Mark

Prompted by this question, we discussed what to do here. There are many, many kinds of app people use AppStudio for, We’d like to make samples which give them templates to start with, but we would need many different ones - none of which would be satisfactory.

Bootstrap has a bunch of samples of different kinds of apps:

If people here can agree on one or two which would be particularly useful, we’ll do AppStudio versions of them.

In the meantime, we include samples for each of the controls with AppStudio.

There actually is a sample called SignOn, which signs into Volt.

I agree to the login screen. I am trying to create one and lining stuff up is a nightmare! In other IDE’s, this is simple. How the heck do I accomplish this in nsbasic?


Have a look at the Flexbox control:

Tried using the flexbox. Its very unpredictable. I just want the label to the left of the input and the two centered on the screen.


You may need to use a Flexbox inside a Flexbox.

Is there a way to set the outline color and thickness of the border and padding of a flexbox so I can actually see the ‘cells’ of the flexbox? If not, is there another container (or even a container control) that I can do this with so I can create the columns and rows I need to line stuff up?

Without this, I cannot visualize anything.


I figured out the border - but not the rows and columns.