Satisfaction with NSB/AppStudio & Which Version?

Hi Everyone,
I am new to the forum and am considering purchasing “NSB/AppStudio” (most likely “Essential Edition” version for a one-time payment of $199. I would be brand new to app development/design however, it is something that I have been wanting to learn how to do for a while now. I haven’t been able to find many third party reviews of “NSB/AppStudio” and wanted to try and get some honest feedback from current users as to what they like and might dislike about the program. I use a Windows PC, but own an iPhone and suppose I would begin primarily developing apps for the iOS platform. Do you feel that the “Essential Edition” version is the best version to purchase? Are there things that you had wished you had known about before making your purchase of the program that might have had you do things differently? I also have a question about “push notifications”. My elderly mother has an app that sends her a reminder every x number of hours to take her blood pressure. Is this considered a “push notification” from the app, and if so, for any app that I design using the “NSB/AppStudio” “Essential Edition”, does it allow me to send an unlimited amount of such “push notifications” to my app purchasers/users are there limitations to this function? Additionally, are there any alternatives to the “NSB/AppStudio” program that I should also be considering, or anything else about the program that you wish you had known before purchasing? I try to limit my “surprise factor” as much as possible before making a big software purchase like this by doing my research and trying to find out as much as I can before purchasing. However, as I mentioned earlier in this post, I have found it difficult to find much third party reviews or information about this program. Thanks, in advance, for any help, suggestions or feedback you might be able to provide to me that would be helpful. With Best Wishes, -Cfguy.

Push notifications are handled by a plugin.
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging" source="npm" /> you need to set them up in your Apple Dev Console and at Google Firebase.

We have been using AppStudio with cordova/phonegap for many years and have found it’s by far the easiest to use for cross platform app development which suits our needs.

Dear Pro Certs,

thanks so much for getting back to me.

In your reply, you mentioned: [quote=“Pro_Certs, post:2, topic:3381”]
you need to set them up in your Apple Dev Console and at Google Firebase.

I know that “Google” is typically Android-based, does their “Firenbase” also deal with iOS apps, as well?
Are there any additional charges to the app developer to allow app purchasers/users to set up “push notifications” within the developed app, or is there no additional fee for an unlimited amount of push notifications per app customer/ user setup?
Thanks again.

There are lots of development platforms. AppStudio gives a nice suite of possibilities of resultant code formats - eg, native apps and web apps and PWA. It has the Basic language also built in, which I abandoned within weeks. I now write totally javascript. If you’re going to use basic, then AppStudio is one of the few platforms that covers both Android and iOS natively.

There are many other javascript platforms. It sort of depends on what you’re doing, what are the target systems, and how is the code distributed (native app, web app, etc).

If you gave us some idea, then we may be able to be more helpful. For example, AppStudio is not the best for writing game apps.