Save password, web app

Hi there…!

I would like to build a small web app with simple password protection / login screen.

The app will be hosted on a web server.

The password could be stored in a database (SQLite) or the source code…

Would that be secure?!

Or better use .htaccess to protect the website…?

I would be very grateful for any ideas… :slight_smile:

Thank you and best wishes,


Sqllite is no longer for webapps. I would avoid the source code as it’s visible to anyone. You can save to indexeddb or localStorage. Both are visible to anyone but you can use btoa() to obfuscate it before saving it.

Hi lotsofcows,

thank you very much for your reply!!!

I will take a look at indexdb… never tried.

As it is a very simple app with no really sensitive data I will use htaccess for the moment.

Seems to work… (?!)

Again, thank you very much!!!