Scanning QR code

Anomalies seem to find me.
I have 2 android phones exactly alike except I don’t use one for an actual phone…just apps, etc.
After I got "make native app with voltbuilder working again, I started scanning the QR codes that are generated. During the course of my experimenting I scanned the code for Hello World and it worked fine on both phones. Then I scanned the code for one of my “real” apps and Hello World keeps coming up even though I deleted it from the phone. The other phone doesn’t seem to have that problem. I have 2 separate scanning apps from the play store and one of them works better than the other but I cannot find it again. Seems odd that Hello World will not delete from the device. I have cleared cache, etc without helping. Any ideas, including a reliable code scanner? This is driving me sane.

How are you deleting the app from the phone?

The unique name which is used to identify the app on the phone comes from config.xml. It’s in the first line: something like id="com.appstudio.project1". You will need to make sure it is different for each app.

Delete on the phone: settings-apps-name of file-option of force stop or uninstall-uninstall
Here is build ID Build ID: d7c2a152-1391-4995-9f08-2bd31a4daf2b
Both phones show the same ID
They both show adroid.debug.apk
Open on Phone A (one that is misbehaving) and I get Hello World (not installed on either phone)

See what you get from the accompanying qrcode.
Sorry I am so dense but cannot find the config.xml you are talking about. I think that would be the answer I seek. I understand about the unique names. The IDE properties show ID as codefile. Send a picture if possible.
Open on Phone B and get correct App
Devices are android LG charge

The id is in the config.xml file. You can get at it here, in Project Properties:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.11.36 PM

The id is in config.xml as shown here:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 2.12.39 PM

Here is what I have snipped from the project properties

I notice that the id is pretty generic… should it have a number or something in place of “app” after nsbasic?
Hello World does not show that much or go that far when I view its properties for a comparison but don’t know what I would change on the ID if it were the same. Why is it hanging around even after uninstalling? This probably pertains more to the device than to appstudio and out of your purview but I need to solve it. You received message earlier from another user that had a qr code attached. I scanned it with both phones and phone A got Hello World but phone B got what it should have. This issue is probably related more to the device than to appstudio and may be out of your purview but I need to get it solved.

Your ID is You should change that to something like com.schuchert.app1 (or app2, or app3 - just so it’s unique in each case).

Nothing changed. Still get hello world for every qr code. Also changed the id for hello world. I’ll do some googling to try and find an answer. It has to be the device.