Screenshots for inspiration, ideas and trend awareness

I thought I’d start a thread for anyone who is willing to share screenshots of their work. The idea being we can all see what style is trending, get ideas and inspiration for our own projects. No need to share an explanation of your screenshot if you don’t want to, just share an image. Encourage others’ work if you’re impressed but leave any critical opinions away from the keyboard.

I’ll kick it off with a snooker scoring app I’ve recently finished. What you can’t see in this screenshot is I’ve spent quite a lot of time on animating most of the options, balls being potted when adding to your score etc. The white ball at the top hits the red ball over to the other player when your turn is over.

Look forward to seeing what’s being created “out there”

Great idea, @lotsofcows!

This screen shot shows 4 forms:

The background veggies includes a list of 4 menu or navigation icons.

The next up is a form containing a grid control for app settings with imbedded icons in column/rows.

The next is a semi-gray-scale transparent form which makes the top User Name form appear modal.

All objects are common controls except for the input text object which is Bootstrap 4. The icon buttons are labels with html to display text and images. All forms adjust in size to fit the device screen.

Thanks for starting this thread. John