Scrolable Bootstrap List Group


I am trying to get a BS List Group to scroll within the bounds of a container (and also keep the header visible).

When I deploy to a device via Volt or Phonegap the scroll bars do not display.

What am I doing wrong?
scrolllistgroup.nsx (17.1 KB)

Most mobile browsers do not show scrollbars, or only show them when you are actually scrolling. iOS led the way on this.

Maybe my message was not clear. Scrolling does not work as per my example whether the scroll bars are there or not.

I was able to reproduce what you are seeing, but I don’t have a solution myself.

Hi George Whats the solution to the problem? I need a scrolling list with a fixed Page Header. My App relies heavily on BS. I don’t want to introduce JQM list as its not recommended to mix.

Datatable is an option but its not pretty.



I know this is an old post but is there a solution to make a BS List Group scroll? I’ve tried with and without a container with no luck scrolling when deployed to Volt. It scrolls fine when deployed to Desktop Browser.

The attached project works for me on the desktop, Volt, and on mobile. I didn’t try it on PhoneGap but imagine it would work there too.

My example project is set up to be responsive, so there is some code on Form1’s code page. I also added both a header and a footer to better show the contained scrolling effect.

You can add an outer div (container) to all of this if you wish and it should work basically the same.

The element’s scrolling CSS is set up in the style property of both GridRow1 and ListGroup1. You’ll want to especially note that.

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bs-scrolling-list.nsx (19.8 KB)

This is great Doug. Exactly what I was struggling with. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Doug. How do I get the listgroup to scroll to a specific item?