Scroll image on mobile

We have just started test driving AppStudio to possibly port all our mobile apps to this new platform. However, we ran into a problem trying to do something pretty simple and hope someone could help.

We are trying to place two vertical images on a form side-by-side. The left image would scroll vertically (using a typical swipe gesture on mobile), the right image would be stationary. See image link here → Scroll test - Album on Imgur

We have tried multiple methods (HTMLview, PictureBox, BS image, etc.) but have not had any luck getting this to work with 2 images. HTMLview (for the left image only works if we do NOT assign an image to the second element on the right. In other words, if both the HTMLview AND the PictureBox have an image assigned (either at runtime or via Properties), the the HTMLview can no longer find the image (very strange) and shows a “File not found” in the debugger. This happens with BS image, Common Image, etc… The PictureBox “refresh()” method is broken using the sample code provided in the wiki, returning a “refesh()” is not a function error, so we could not fully rely on that control.

Can someone please help?

From your description, you are on the right track. Not being able to display two images at the same time makes me think there is something wrong with how are are loading the images. Are you sure you are keeping all the elements and variables in the two pictures separate of one another?