Scrollable BS4 Dropdown?


I have a BS4 dropdown with a list of items that exceeds the height of the screen and I can’t find where or how to make the list scrollable.

On my mobile phone the whole page will scroll to allow me to see the entire list, but on my Mac (in my Chrome browser) there’s no way to scroll, not even the whole page like on my phone (which it isn’t designed to do, so it shouldn’t scroll on my phone either to be honest).

Is there any property or solution which will allow it to scroll?

On a side note, FYI, my dropdown is set to dropleft, and it does on my Mac, but on my phone it still drops down.


No, there isn’t. You’ll probably need to use some other way to do the picking.

I was frustrated with that and used a data table with the select library added. Much more complicated, but I could do searches, etc. And ordering in the header.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: