Scrolling in properties

where are the shape properties “Scroll_options and scrolling” in version 8. I can’t find them! without this I can no longer zoom pictures.
Thanks for info.

Is this for the PictureBox control?

Ja, genau


Hi George

Das scrolling muss in den “Common” in der “Form” eingestellt werden, sonst funktioniert es in der “PictureBox” nicht, siehe Anhang.

Dort sind diese Optionen in Version 8 nicht mehr vorhanden!

Best regards Hans



The release notes for Version 8 actually state that we’ve removed iScroll from Form controls. The control has been archived by its author: it was last updated 3 years ago:

Built in scrolling has been greatly improved in browsers. In most cases, you can get the same effects for a form by changing screenMode to ‘Zoom’.


With the “zoom” I do not achieve the same effect in the picture box (zoom). I personally think it’s a shame that version 8 of these parameters has been dropped.

for me it’s a step backwards.

The library can still be used with AppStudio - it just isn’t included automatically. Instructions on how to do so are here:

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Question: I’m not getting anywhere. I also don’t know what else I could try. if I gave you a small project, you could complete it for me so that you can zoom in on the picture on the phone and I can use it as a template.

Would it be possible?

Best regards

Sure! It might take a few days.