Scrolling Jqm List fails on ios

jqm list on click does not work on IOS . works fine on windows chrome and android .
This is the app

Can you give more details?

  • What does one have to do to see the problem?
  • What is the actual problem?

The problem is ListCity_onclick(i) event is not triggered in ios device . But it works fine on android and desktop browser. Here ListCity is jqm List . this is my code of that event

Function ListCity_onclick(i)
  If TypeName(i)="object" Then Exit Function
  'MsgBox i
  Dim a,b,c,d,e
  index = index + i + 1
  place = dpla[index].City 
  a = dpla[index].Lat 
  b = Right(a,1)
  c = CDbl(Left(a,Len(a) - 1))
  d = Int(c)
  e = FRAC(c) * 100 / 60
  lat = d + e
  If b = "S" Then lat = lat * -1
  a = dpla[index].Long 
  b = Right(a,1)
  c = CDbl(Left(a,Len(a) - 1))
  d = Int(c)
  e = FRAC(c) * 100 / 60
  lon = d + e
  If b = "W" Then lon = lon * -1
  a = dpla[index].Tzone
  b = Right(a,1)
  c = CDbl(Left(a,Len(a) - 1))
  d = Int(c)
  e = FRAC(c) * 100 / 60
  tzone = d + e
  If b = "W" Then tzone = tzone * -1
  lblCity.textContent = place '& " , " & lDegMin(lat) & " , " & lDegMin(lon)
  today = txtDate.value
  dd = Day(Date())
  mm = Month(Date())
  yy = Year(Date())
  tzone = 5.5
  lblDateDay.text = dd & "-" & mm & "-" & yy & "   " & WeekdayName(Weekday(today))
  days = Julian(mm,dd,yy)
'  PB = pbKundli.getContext("2d")
' = 313 
'  dd = Day(Now)
'  mm = Month(Now)
'  yy = Year(Now)
'  hr = Hour(Now)
'  min = Minute(Now)
'  WritePB()
End Function

looks to me like the “msgbox i” statement is activated, not commented as shown in your post. and the message shows in Android and Safari (Mac), but not in iOS (tested with Safari and Chrome on iPad) for me.
is the msgbox statement itself the problem maybe? or the If statement before it?

I just tried the sample which comes with AppStudio. It works fine in iOS.

Does it work for you?

That would seem to indicate there is a problem with your program, not AppStudio itself. Try making a new app with just your ListCity control. Does it work OK?

Also, the code you gave is not the code actually in your app.

found the problem ! when ever I set the scrolling property on then this issue happens in ios . Setting scrolling off this works . But scrolling fails !

We have to figure out what to do with that scrolling library. It should probably be deprecated:

  1. The author has not updated the library in 3 years
  2. iOS and Android have changed a lot in the meantime - native scrolling is much improved.
  3. The way apps are designed has also changed: scrolling forms are the way to go now, but scrolling areas on scrolling forms aren’t a good UI.

OTOH, if we deprecate it, a lot of code will break.

I agree . But there is no alternative for simple list with scrolling .

In most cases, you can make the form longer and scroll the entire page.

jQuery Mobile is also a problem. It has not been updated since 2014. It’s locked into an old version of jQuery which is now considered insecure.

We recommend migrating projects to Bootstrap. To help with this, we’ve created a Framework Converter:

I’ve run into this bug myself today and have been unable to overcome it…
It not only affects JQM Lists , it also affects JQM Grids, so far as i can tell.
Any further solution(s) to this?