Scrolling on Android device

Since updating my Android device, my scrolling has slowed to almost a standstill.
I wiped my phone and started new and scrolling sped up again.
Updated apps again and it slowed to a stop again.
Not sure which app caused it as I updated all at once. Chrome is my primary suspect.
I assume any users of my app are experiencing the same thing.
Is there a fix from the programming side?

Are you seeing this on web pages as well?

No, only on Android device. I read a post somewhere that chrome update affects smooth scrolling adversely, so I suspect chrome.

Does it happen on scrolling web pages running in Chrome - not just AppStudio?

What version of AppStudio are you using?

Only on my app and only on jqm list, everything else I tested works fine, including web pages

This sound like a known problem which was indeed introduced by a new version of Chrome.

Start up updating AppStudio to the current version - it’s 6.2.5. There’s a link on the About screen.

Thank you. That fixed the problem.
Over and out.

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