Search and Screen-size

  1. Gibt es einen Befehl für “search”; in einer “Select-Liste”; von “Query Mobile”?

  2. Gibt es einen Befehl um die Grösse der Formulare automatisch an die Grösse des Handy anzupassen (da jedes Handy eine andere Screen-Grösse hat)?

  1. Can jQuery Mobile’s Select control be made filterable?

Yes, but it’s not simple in jQuery Mobile (other frameworks are better):

  1. Is there a command to adjust the size of the forms automatically to the size of the phone (because each phone has a different screen size)?

It’s not simple. While phones do have different sizes, they also have different aspect ratios, so you can’t just multiply the height and width of all controls by a factor and have an app which which looks good. Each app will have different needs to accomplish this.

Some possibilities:

Form Zoom:

Use Responsive Design:

The new FlexBox control: