Select(Bootstrap) Reset

So I can setup and use these controls in a form, no problem.
However…how do you reset it ready for its next use?
E.g. if a Select control has e.g
Item1, item2, item3 and the user selects Item2
How do I change the selected item back to Item1 ( so it’s seen as Item1?
At the moment I can set the control to a particular value, but it’s not displayed as such…?

After much trial and error I found a way of doing this…

e.g. if you have a Bootstrap Select Control (Select1) and you choose (e.g.) ‘No’…
then after using the value returned to reset you would do something like this : -

 $("#Select1_contents-button .form-control").text("Choose..")
 Select1.addItem("Choose..", 0, True, False)
 Select1.addItem("Yes", 1, False, False)
 Select1.addItem("No", 2, False, False)
 Select1.addItem("N/A", 3, False, False)
 Select1.item = 0

The first line has the unintended consequence of clearing the original items, hence the additems after that…but at least this code works…


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