"Select " in sqlExport string 403 forbidden

I swapped web hosts a few weeks back. I struggled to get one of my apps to write to the server. Turns out a string in an sql field had “Select matches”. So long as "Select… was in the export string it kept throwing 403 error. “Select” was ok but "Select x where x=any character after, it was forbidden. EncodeURI or EncodeURIComponent(Export string…didn’t fix it.

In short my questions are…
Is this expected?
Is there any other traps I should know?
Is it server dependant?


Just found %0 does the same. EncodeURI put that in.

Is the Select running on the device’s SQLite database, or on the server’s database?

When you reference SQLExport, do you meant the AppStudio command of the same name?

When I send a string with an ajax call to my server for writing to a text file it returns 403 if the string contains "Select x or %0.

Is your last reply properly formatted?

There’s an unmatched quote at least. You may need to make the reply clearer as well.

Sorry it’s hard to write as it is when there is only 1 speech mark.
If the string I’m sending by ajax to my server to write as a text file contains either…

"Select. (A speech mark followed by the word Select then a space and any character after that)


%0 (This was inserted in the string by EncodeURI)

…then my server responds error 403 forbidden.

Hope that’s clearer.

No clearer at all.

Try putting triple left ticks (```), your lines of code, then triple left ticks again. You should be able to put almost anything there.

My hunch is that this isn’t an AppStudio issue.

No definitely not an Appstudio issue. I was just interested in what else
the server maybe rejecting.