Send data to server

I am trying to implement the relevant code found in:

Although I have created the .php file and placed in inside my app folder, as well as in Project Properties and Global Code, when I click the key to send the information to the (local) server I get a response:
" Failed to load file:///C:/wamp64/www/UTApp/UTApp/myphp.php/?myText=%27A%20test%20msg%27: Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https."

  • myphp.php is the php file that will handle the message passed from the app.

The code in my app (simplified) is :

  req=Ajax("myphp.php/?myText='A test msg' ", done) 

function done(){
 //this is not needed. I can see results from chrome. 

I am trying to deploy the app and then test the communication but with no luck.

Any suggestions ???
Didnt anyone else had problems sending data to server?

First - be patient here. There’s no need to send repeated messages - especially 12 hours apart over a Sunday night.

You’ll want to read up on Cross Origin rules. Start here:

Are you loading your app from the same server the PHP script is on?

Yes, application and .php reside on the same www folder served by the same server.

By the way, your new q/a platform is very nice. Keep up the good work !

Thanks for the kind words about - it’s a nice platform. We got a package from to take care of the hosting.

It looks like some kind of configuration problem on the server, not AppStudio itself.

I was under an Apache server. But I also tryied only using NSB…
Any suggestions of what I could try to fix?