Send form data to MySQL database

Dear all,
I am trying to send data to a MySQL database hosted locally (for now) using Ajax.
The problem is simple but I am relatively new.
I have a ‘screen’ (dont want to use the name Form) with 5 textboxes containing info required to subscribe a user to a service.
{Name, Address, Tel, username, password} are the textboxes mentioned.

I have setup a MySQL db to store the data.

I need the code for the javascript (Ajax probably) and .php file to use to complete this task.


There is an example among the help that does some simple communicating with a basic PHP script. The rest, especially the MySQL specific part inside the PHP, is outside the scope of AppStudio. Here is some info on PHP to MySQL:

Dear Frank,
Forgive me, but I think that a relative 5 line code on javascript and a similar on php to showcase how to transfer 2 textboxes in a (for example) MySQL (to provide some guidance) shouldn’t be out of the scope of AppStudio.


You may have misunderstood me.

There are lots of smart, helpful people here, and they may post more specific examples. I just meant to indicate that this product doesn’t generate back end PHP scripts, and that is why I used the term out of scope.

Again, there Is an example among the help and samples with a PHP script, I believe.

This article may help:

Frank, thank you very much for the prompt response.

It would be great if you could provide a link to that article because I was unable to find anything other that the simple project of ‘Ajax made simple’ where there is a communication with the server and a php file to handle the incoming string, but doesn’t answer how would one handle the case where multiple strings from various textboxes are sent to the server in terms of Ajax call and the handling that a php file should do.


I hope this help. This example is done having the php files on a cloud server (not locally), and it does not include the insert statement however it includes a select and update statement. The insert is quite similar to the update statement. (2.5 KB)

Best Regards,