Send local file to my web server


I want to send a local file to my web server.

Function Button2_onclick()
var input = document.createElement("input")
input.type = "file"
End Function

This popups a Dialog, where I can choose a file or a picture on a mobile.
But how do I get the choose file to my web server?
I try it with this command:

Ajax("upload.php","POST",input.value)  ' I think input.value is not correct

But there is no upload to my php script.

if (isset($_FILES['datei']))
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['datei']['tmp_name'], 'upload/'.$_FILES['datei']['name']);

How do I get the file to my web server

Thank you for help



I edited your post, adding ``` before and after the code. It formats nicely now.

Did you look at the AjaxPost sample? It uploads files too. See if it works for you.


Thank you for formatting!

But the Ajax Example only writes a textbox.value (string) to a file on a server. I want to upload a file.


You need to send the file as a string.


now I have a solution:

with button3 opens the window to choose a file in a browser or image on the mobile
with button2 the file was transfer to the server, but remember, you need write-rights in the directory on the server
Now I can build my own file box.

best regards

 Function Button2_onclick()
 formData = new FormData()
 client = new XMLHttpRequest()
 formData.append("datei",input.files[0])"POST", "upload.php")
End Function

Function Button3_onclick()
 input = document.createElement("input")
 input.type = "file"
End Function