Send messge to phon number

please ,I want the code to send a message to a mobile number( in basic)

Function sms(tel, body)
  If InStr(navigator.appVersion, "iPhone") Then
    location.href="sms:" & tel & "&body=" & encodeURIComponent(body)
    location.href="sms:" & tel & "?body=" & encodeURIComponent(body)
  End If
End Function

wher i but this function ?
i want if click button then send msg(I am in danger) to phone number like 911

@AppStudioSupport ,can you help me

@amagg’s answer is correct.

Have a look at the HelloWorld sample to see how to run code when a button is clicked.

Notify me, where I want when I click the button sends a message to the emergency number 112
I also want to call the emergency number or any other number that can be recorded in the code
Please help me with the basic codes

Here are the kinds of things we do in Support: