Serverside programming?

Can Appstudio be used for serverside programmen? Maybe nodejs with a workaround?

We’ve never explicitly pushed for this. Since server size apps don’t have a UI, many are happy just using an editor.

But I’m interested. Tell me more about how this could help!

But programming serverside in basic would be nice.

The idea is: One more property-field, where you could place the additional code which should run on server. Then you could decide, what should run on the client-side and what on the server with nodejs. Widgets could send their results/actions to the server. Also you should be able to update the widgets from the serverside.

Maby yout could use the electron-CGI module for that?

Or simply generate an electron-webserver.

Like How to use Electron as a local server @ Fabio Franchino

Thank you!

We’d love to hear from more people on this.

Yes, that’s what’s missing. To have a serverless app. Similar FireBase