Setting Slider value

Originally I queried what I thought was a slider is but turned out my code.js file wasn’t downloading.

No trick at all - have a look at the Slider sample.

Do you have min and max set properly?

Sorry. I started with .value then changed to .setvalue but the problem was
that error a couple of us are having with code.js not updating. Is there a
likely fix for this? I read somewhere the issue is potentially around the
timestamp of the code.js file. Way out of my league but it’s not browser

If you’re deploying properly, code.js should be updated correctly. It’s really a separate issue which should have its own thread.

Deploying properly?

Code.js uploads correctly to the server. It’s something in the app update
process that doesn’t download only code.js file.

All other files in the manifest download or at least they haven’t been an
issue. It’s seems like a time thing because waiting a while then deploying
fixes it. Generally after multiple deploys in quick succession that it’s
noticeable. Full deploy doesn’t have in impact vs refresh.

Could you put this into a fresh topic? It doesn’t deserve to be buried in a thread about Sliders.