setValue not working

I opened up the sample project Northwind.project.
I opened it in Chrome.
When it runs it stops on Grid1.setValue(i+1,0,record[“CustomerID”])
it display an error message saying that setValue is not a function.
This is AppStudio’s own project.
Why am I getting this error?

We’re looking into this. It appears to be a caching issue.

If you dismiss the message, the app seems to continue normally.

This was caused by a timing problem - loading the database was completing before the Grid control was done being created. This was probably a result of changing to PWA from old style caching.

The next build of AppStudio fixes this.

My app, in local Web app form or android debug app, also display… (function) is not a function. Pressing clear chachi and clear all. (ie. Restart to eula form) seems solve the problem. But, i can’t be asking the user to press 2 button when this err occur. Next version solved this?

Sorry, forget to mention, it should be ‘midstr. Substr’ is not a function, it appears intermittent, difficult to debug.

@tst, unless you are downloading SQLite databases, the problem you are having is unrelated. It’s most likely an error on your code. You are probably trying to access an element before it has been created.

OK, will try again when I reach home. Sorry 4 the trouble… tst

I found out before mid(), I chose the wrong function, so the input of mid() is funny data;thus raise the ‘not a function’ err.

AppStudio 8.4.1 changes the order of SQLite import at startup. The original error for this thread should not happen anymore.