Shifting to native coding

I am using nsb app studio since years . But now
I think it is time to shift focus on native programming. If I want to use volt services i have to pay almost same amount as apple charges for developer account. Still i can’t use all native features of ios . Day by day list of limitations increase here . For android i am writing better apps with b4a since beginning. And the major drawback of webapp is, I can’t make my app paid . So i am thinking of shifting !

You can do a lot with AppStudio + PhoneGap Build. There are a lot of Cordova Plugins available: about 4500 right now:

Each Plugin adds a bunch of new functions to your app. Here is a Tech Note to get you started:

If you using PhoneGap Build (on the Run menu), AppStudio will upload your App to the cloud, returning a working native app.