Smartphone & Tablet Emulator

I wondered if anyone had any views about this service that I came across: It’s called BrowserStack and it offers an opportunity to test a web app on virtually every platform there is.

There’s a 30-min free trial then you can sign up as a freelancer on a monthly account for $19/m as I have done - you get a number of minutes real-time testing. Just don’t renew if not needed.The pricing seems a bit convoluted but it saved me a shed-load and seems good value even at a 1 year subscription.

It sounds like I’m trying to sell it which is not the case. I have seen many comments on the forum about not being able to test on every device and this seems a cost-effective option. I have tried it and been able to trouble-shoot an issue on Samsung S5 which I discovered on a colleague’s real phone and then replicated on the site. Hell of a lot cheaper than buying the phone.

If nothing else it enables you to see how the app displays on a wide variety of screen. Interested to know the professional opinion on whether this is a valid way to go; or not.

Looks pretty cool! Thanks for posting this.