SMS issue on Android

Hi Guys, I have an app compiled in phonegap that extends on the SMS example.

It reads from our server the message and a list of mobile numbers.

The app loops through the list and sends the SMS to each client.

The last few attempts only send to 38 clients. The list is over 200.

I have checked the PHP call and the JSON returned looks okay.

Any ideas. Is there a change in Android ?

Have you hooked up the Chrome Remote Debugger to see if there are any error messages?

It shows
Could not find cordova.js script tag. Plugin loading may fail.

No errors in the console.

Tested again today about 100 were sent.

I have added the array of numbers to the console so I can see if all the numbers are coming back.

I then re-complied.

Uninstalled from the Android phone.


Its now working okay…

Strange one…

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